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Well, it's about 32 degrees just now here in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, South-Eastern Europe. Relatevly cold this time, I think. After several days 40-41 degrees are expected :)

These wheather conditions are not normal in MidWest, it will get warmer soon, don't worry! :)  Thank you for your prayers, It's very encouraging to hear someone so far away has included me in his/her prayers! Wish you best, and don't forget - it's darkest just before the dawn!

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Hey BobyB how are you today as for me I am cold It is very cold in this time it was 3 degrees this morning in my town well the town I live in my town is in Tennessee and oh how I miss it.Have you had any luck in finding your help and I will remember you in my prayers.I am not feeling well these days and I am not energetic enough to get on the computer very often anymore,I have such a great need and am afraid I am running out of time quickly,what about you.Where are you located at and I wish that you are warmer than I .Man the weather is a peculiar mess isn't it and cause for alarm by all.Well I must go now hope to hear back from you soon take cae and may your higher power take good care of you and send you the help that you search for.Later anglhrt48

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Lukovo party.

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