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Hi I am trying to find help for my best friend. He is the most caring for other people person I have ever meet and has help me very much. I love him dearly. My friend has low self esstem and feels ugly after a girl 4 years ago broke his heart by saying that he was the uglyiest person that she'd ever had been with. Can someone please help me find a solution to his problems. He has not had the dental care that is required in many years and I know that his mood and, outlook on life would improve only if he had more self confidence somthing that he says he's working on. I am a good friend and again, love him very very much but, I know how sensitive he is about his teeth and it is hard not knowing how to say that maybe if he were to see a someone who could help him his mood and self confidence may increase. He is currently looking for love and, I want to help him find it dearly because, I care so much not only for him but, for the reasons he's here ( to show people caring and how to open thier hearts to the world) that im now reaching out were ever I can. He is very low income and will tell me that it is the way god made him. So now...I'm looking for a sign from... Please if anyone reads and hears and feels my cries for help please contact me. Our only hope is eachother Please help give back my friend his life. Thank you very much. Eli F. Richey

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Hey BobyB that is the reason I did not move anywhere that is 6 months dark and 6 months light.I do not believe I could stand the daylight for that long lol. Is it Alaska I am thinking of? I may just be mistaking it with another place.I hope I am right cause I would hate to look dumb and poor! Know what I mean.Since my time of near death (four times in 2001 my heart stopped)(I am very lucky they were able to restart my heart that many times) anyway after that I was in a coma state for about 5 days and alot of my memory has left me,well if Alaska is not the place I am refering too and about please excuse and ignore the blunder ok. I just hate being a member of the "have-not" club I would prefer to be in the "haves" club. I enter every sweepstakes and contest I can find and have only won a bottle of perfume and a box from the company CAKE that contained lotion and shower/bath body wash.Of course it was fun to win that but it doesn't get me to and fro.Man if ever I have needed a mechanic it is now.I wish I lived in Tennessee (Where I am originally from "born and raised" 1st 17 years" ) We have mechanics all thru the family well those that are still alive anyway. But no I had to be a big dummy and move to this cold snowy place that seems to have only 2 nice giving people in it other than myself that is. With all the stars and car companies that are out there you would think someone somewhere there would be that one that would help a person, wouldn't you. BobyB you know I have a hard time understanding why there are no telethons or fundraisers for the Liver foundation (and the needs that pose a threat if you are without them) if you can't get to them you can't access them. I did not know that the Liver is so forgotten when it comes to the charities,you know what I mean.You know what I found out if a liver patient hasn't been seeing a specialist (Gastroenterologist) that when it comes time for me to get a transplant or die I will be left to die cause that is one of the requirements of being on a transplant list, is to be under a  doctor's care that is for the Liver. My family doctor is not what they require to have been seeing.So you can imagine how scared I am right? 4th stage is the stage before "end stage" and I have only within the last 3 days found that out,mostly because I did not want to know and I have a son still in school that needs me and I have other children (out on their own they are),ages :my son Jeremiah will be 26 in November,and my mentally disabled daughter Sabrina is 24 in May, and my one son at home John is going to be 18 in October; he will be in the 12 grade then, and I have a daughter in Arizona Tabitha who is going to be 21 in August and I haven't held or seen her since she was 8 months old.She was kidnapped by her dad and his brother.She and her aunt hired a detective and found me last year and I hope and pray that I can hold her in my arms once more before I die.Dang it I need my car fixed for many reasons and all so important. I wonder if any movie stars ever access this site? Would be a good thing if they did wouldn't it cause with the way the USA and the rest of the world is now the A list folk's are probably the only ones who can afford to help anyone.I know there is lots of good people out there is this vast area we call Earth but with the way things have been since 9/11 not many are able to help. If only our thoughts of (I would love to help) actually helped then I alone would have helped everyone I have read about so far and seen on tv or in live person.How about you? Don't get me wrong I do donate a little here and there but I haven't been able to donate alot to any one charity but the 11 charities I was donating to adds up don't you know. $2.00 here $3.00 there. I do always try to give a little here and there as when I can.Well thank you for letting me chew your ear and I hope you are happy and in love cause where there is love there is smiles isn't there.Like you said darkness before light. ok I need the light in life and in death. Your new friend Linda

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Well, it's about 32 degrees just now here in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, South-Eastern Europe. Relatevly cold this time, I think. After several days 40-41 degrees are expected :)

These wheather conditions are not normal in MidWest, it will get warmer soon, don't worry! :)  Thank you for your prayers, It's very encouraging to hear someone so far away has included me in his/her prayers! Wish you best, and don't forget - it's darkest just before the dawn!

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Hey BobyB how are you today as for me I am cold It is very cold in this time it was 3 degrees this morning in my town well the town I live in my town is in Tennessee and oh how I miss it.Have you had any luck in finding your help and I will remember you in my prayers.I am not feeling well these days and I am not energetic enough to get on the computer very often anymore,I have such a great need and am afraid I am running out of time quickly,what about you.Where are you located at and I wish that you are warmer than I .Man the weather is a peculiar mess isn't it and cause for alarm by all.Well I must go now hope to hear back from you soon take cae and may your higher power take good care of you and send you the help that you search for.Later anglhrt48

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Lukovo party.

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